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Q: How do I know that I have spinal problems?
A: Generally speaking, if you often feel sour on the waist, pain on your back and neck, or haves waist pain when sit or stand just for a while, you might already have spinal problems; according to your posture, if you standing in front of the mirror and find obvious uneven on both sides of the shoulder and pelvis, it is likely to be spine or pelvic problems.

Q: In what ways do you precede the spine correction? Is it safe?
A: We mainly utilize American spine correction technology with American Impulse spine orthotic machine and Japanese Isogai coxa joint collocation. Due to it is a comprehensive and safe without aggressive correction technology, it has been summarized by national ministries of health in more than 20 countries, including China, as a traditional health care technology.

Q: What is the “cracking” sound during the chiropractic adjustments produce?
A: There is gas in the articular cavities, and the sound would come out by squeezed in articular movement of the therapy. It is just similar to people squeeze their fingers to make sound, and no more gas to make sound is there when press a second time. Therefore the sound is not from the bones.

Q: Is there any side effect after chiropractic adjustment?
A: Without any side effects, but at an early stage, some people due to the compression of nerve recovery after correction will feel fatigue and soreness. As the body gradually recovers, it will not happen again.

Q: Usually, how many times of this therapy should I take to heal?
A: Depending on the degree of damage in your spine, it can be weeks to months or years of corrective care to correct the cause of the underlying muscle weakness, soft tissue damage, and degenerative changes. The recovery time will vary from person to person. In general, the younger will be faster than older, and the lighter to the heavier.

Q: would it re-exacerbate after correction?
A: Actually there is a misunderstanding in spine problems. It should give priority to prevent, such as taking correct posture habits and keep moving. Once re-exacerbate, you should take an immediate correction. Generally, it can quickly recover. After rehabilitation, active maintenance is needed to keep a healthy spine.